Introducing….the OB Pic of the Day

It’s been a fun first week for the Ocean Beach Bulletin, and we are ready to unveil a new feature to the website: the OB Pic of the Day. The concept is simple: we want user-generated pictures of Ocean Beach. Whether you’re taking pictures with a smartphone or a telephoto lens, we’d love to showcase how you see Ocean Beach. Either email your picture to submissions [at] oceanbeachbulletin [dot] com, or tweet it! Simply include the hashtag #OBPic and we’ll find it, and post it. The pictures can be new, old, beautiful, weird, pictures of nature, pictures of houses….you get the point. Give us a website you want us to link to in your email, and we’ll link to it in the photo credit. If you tweet the photo, we will link the pic to whatever website is in your twitter profile, or if you don’t have one, your twitter account itself. We want to give you credit, and to showcase the talent we have out here. And kind of obviously, as the name implies, we will update this daily.

So let the photos begin!

March 4, 2012

Picture 389 of 843

Three men and a baby dog, from M. Terry Bowman.

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