Early Christmas: 5 Great Gifts For Kids This Holiday Season

The Christmas season is coming and gift giving is one of the things your kids expect. Although you’re promoting love during this season, isn’t it nice if you give them the gifts they really want to have? Your kids deserve it, anyway. Whether you have a daughter or son, here are some gift ideas that they will surely love.


Dolls for girls

Don’t forget to buy your sweet little lady to buy a doll she loves. Many dolls today have their own characters. Before buying the doll that looks cute to you, it’s better to ask your daughter which character she prefers. She’ll definitely love you for it.

In case you don’t have any idea about the dolls available in the market today, here are some of the dolls popular in the list; Disney Princess Dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, American Girl Dolls, Madame Alexander Favorite Friends dolls, Corolle Les Classiques, Adora Friends and Bitty Baby.

Basketball goal

If your child loves basketball, why not give him a portable basketball goal? But in finding a great basketball goal, you must keep in mind that you don’t choose it just for the aesthetic appeal. It must be durable and with a stable frame support.

When you find a great basketball goal, you must also check for its specification so it can last for several years. Because basketball is a physical game, buying a low-quality basketball hoop is not a perfect fit for the demand of the activity.


Board games

For the kids, dads and moms — board games is one of the classic gifts you can buy for your kids. It can be an educational board game or just a board game that’s fun to play. It is a win-win gift for your child who spends too much time online.

Among the popular games you can try includes Robot Turtles Game, Hoot Owl Hoot!, Elementos, Dixit, Pandemic, Spot It and Splendor. You can also buy the classic game Monopoly, Pictionary and Snakes and Ladders.


Musical instrument

Musical instruments are appealing to kids of any age and any gender. Whether it’s a toy or a real instrument, no one will ignore it. However, if you’re considering buying a real instrument for your kids, ensure that they are interested in playing it. It can be a waste of money to buy expensive instruments that they will not use it for a long time.



Kids will always be kids. So, toys are probably the best gift you can give. However, to keep it personalized, buy toys that are inspired by the cartoon characters they love. You can also buy toys that are inspired by movies such as action figures.

If you plan to buy the higher end of the toys for collection, ensure to give it to older kids. So, you can teach them to take care of the toys you give them.

These are the few suggestions you can try for the gift-giving season.

Altitude Medicine – The Science Behind This Increasingly Popular Area of Sport

When you start talking about exercise and/or sports you may think of things like football players, weightlifting wrist wraps, top knee wraps for squats and other things related to sports and fitness. But maybe you should start paying attention to Altitude Medicine? Altitude medicine is critical for anybody who climbs a mountain quickly, thus developing altitude illness or sickness. The medicine is crucial for preventing, recognizing and treating altitude illness. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran mountain climber, or a person traveling to one of the many high mountainous regions around the world, you need this information. Your health – and probably life – when climbing any tall mountain depends on the quality and quantity of information you know about the type of medicine to take when on such types of expeditions.

First, it is worth learning the signs and symptoms of altitude sickness, which include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Shortness of breath
  • Upset stomach
  • Feeling unstable or unsteady

Therefore, with such intense signs and symptoms, there is no doubt that you need to get the best altitude medicine to prepare you adequately to climb mountains or travel in highly mountainous places in different parts of the world. Understanding how each medicine works is a crucial piece of information that will help you stay alive before, during or after your mountain climbing expedition. Proper acclimatization and slow ascension are two of the most effective strategies to apply if you do not wish to take any medicine. Drugs help you in case complications arise.  

The most effective altitude medicines worth using to stay healthy include the following:

  1. a)    Acetazolamide

This medicine is great in helping you to breathe faster, thereby avoiding one of the most common signs of altitude sickness – shortness of breath. It remains the most tried, tested and proven medication for treating altitude illness. It is effective at preventing and treating the sickness. It works by acidifying the blood, which is a major attribute of acclimatization. If you take this medicine as prescribed, you should be able to climb the highest peak of any mountain without complaining of or feeling the signs and symptoms associated with altitude sickness.

  1. b)    Dexamethasone

This is a form of steroid. It works by decreasing the brain as well as other swellings your body has developed; thereby reversing the emerging effects of altitude sickness. For the best results, you should take 4mg of this medicine twice each day for some days before you begin climbing the mountain or going up a mountainous region. It is a highly powerful drug; hence, the importance of taking it cautiously. Furthermore, you should only use or take this drug with the recommendation of your doctor and after some extensive examination.

Nonetheless, these two are not the only altitude medicine you should take. Others that are equally effective – yet worth taking only after consulting your doctor – include Ibuprofen, Nifedipine, and Frusemide. In some cases, you may have to carry a breathing mask or a tool that supplies you with plenty of oxygen. Despite taking these drugs, do not forget to climb the mountain gradually. Give your body ample time to acclimatize. If you follow this guide, nothing should make your mountain climbing expedition a sad or regrettable experience.


State Policy Priorities for Economic Security Provision among Processing Industries

U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have been placed in the limelight once again when Russia was accused of tampering with the U.S. election hacking controversy. But their talks at the recent G-20 summit in Germany cleared the issue where Trump acknowledged that Russia has nothing to do with the hacking.

The talk between the two world leaders is a good sign that the relationship between the two countries improves. It also serves as an encouragement for other countries that worked with them under the global trade. 

Their agreement was relevant because maintaining a diplomatic relation among countries is important. Diplomatic relation helps improve the trade policies between nations. It also helps the economic security improvement of each country. In fact, economic security was on the agenda of Trump and Putin.


Economic Security

Earlier this year, Trump addressed that his government would boost wages. He also planned to increase job opportunities for the workers in his country. On the other hand, Putin signed a decree last May focusing on the approval of his country’s economic strategy until 2030.

The agenda of the world leaders aim to counteract financial insecurity. This is a good thing for just about any industry, whether it’s best selling Tissot watchestop rated citizen watches, underwear or even beverage industry. 

Based on the survey published by the U.S. Census Bureau, 57 percent of Americans are not financially prepared. The survey showed that 55 percent break even each month or spend more than they make. The survey revealed that 33 percent have no savings.

With the figures revealed, no wonder why Trump attempted restoring the processing industries. It may decrease the high unemployment rates, which is one of the factors of financial insecurity.

Trump’s vision to increase job offers is in-line with the traditional manufacturing process. He also wants to adopt an import-substituting industrialization policy. He perceives that it’s a better approach for the economy structure’s transformation.


Import-substituting Industrialization Policy

Import substitution industrialization policy a.k.a. ISI aims to reduce foreign dependency. It aims to produce domestic products replacing foreign imports.

Although the policy’s effectiveness is ambiguous, the policy could increase labor productivity.  An empirical research result suggested the emergence of new industrial complexes as well as increased competitiveness. On the contrary, the world economy showed that there was no universally accepted strategy for such policy.


Policy Challenges

According to Neale & Newman, LLP, a law firm that deals in matters like this a lot told us that the policy faces challenges due to two factors. The challenges include low investment activity and the import of foreign equipment. Without investors, the industry needed to get a loan from financial institutions.  However, some institutions offer high-interest rates.

On the other hand, the challenge for the importation of foreign equipment is the high tariff. High tariff affects the balance sheet of local industries. Consequently, manufacturing companies lay off some of its laborers. This somehow defeats the main goal of job creation.

The solution perceived is the establishment of balance trade among countries. The industrial policy among countries can also help improve the economic security.  The creation of universal tool can also benefit the manufacturing industry worldwide.

Although tools are effective, a diplomatic relation is still necessary to achieve economic security.

Some Things to Know If You’re Planning a Disney World Trip This Summer

A Disney vacation can be one of the most exciting and memorable vacations in your lifetime. Disney has a lot of exciting events to offer. To completely explore all the secrets of Walt Disney World Orlando, you have to visit the two water parks and four theme parks. Then, add Downtown Disney, the great resort activities, and the new Disney Springs. You can easily see how important it is to set aside a few days to completely explore and experience the magic of Disney World.

What are the things you must consider when planning a Disney world trip?

  • Planning your budget – Deciding on how much money you can afford to spend will help you be able to identify and make decisions on what hotels you can book, how long you will stay at Disney World, and how much to spend on souvenirs. The budget will provide you with a clear outline of the trip.
  • Booking a hotel – Since you can’t explore the entire Disney World in one day, you will have to make plans on which best Disney moderate resort offers you the best value for money. Note: it better for you to pick hotels located closest to the park you intend on visiting.
  • Picking a transportation means – You can get from the airport to the Disney resort and back for free. You should ensure your travel arrangements allow you to take advantage of the magical express to avoid any additional expense of hiring a taxi. In Disney, buses provide transportation from one hotel or park to the other.
  • Checking the renovations and closures – Nothing would be more disappointing than making the trip to Disney only to find the ride or attraction you have been dreaming about is closed for maintenance. The information on maintenance schedules is available early enough on the Disney Parks blog. Checking this information will guarantee that your favorite attraction is available.
  • Checking for special offers – Especially when you are traveling on a budget, special offers like discounts on tickets or hotel stays with free dining plans could save you a lot of money which, in turn, can be used to explore new activities.
  • Checking the weather forecast – It is a good idea to establish what the weather conditions will be when you intend on visiting a Disney Park. Plan the trip when the most favorable weather conditions are expected.
  • Considering getting a fast pass – This is a way for you and your family to avoid the long lines. The fast pass will ensure you don’t waste time queuing since you will enter the fast pass line. You can now reserve three fast passes 60 days in advance online if you stay on Walt Disney World property, or 30 days in advance online for guests not staying at a Walt Disney World property.

If you choose to drive, parking at the resort is free. A lunch reservation is easy to get compared to dinner reservations. Be prepared for the magical experience! For even more tips we recommend searching for the best Disney podcasts of 2017 out there and of course you should always bring a great bag to Disney, which to find you can just do a quick search for best bag for Disney and find a ton of options there.

How to Protect Yourself from Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is a criminal act where a person uses someone else’s identity information without authorization to commit fraud or deceive someone else; this falls under the hierarchy of organized crimes like drug trafficking and money laundering.

There were lots of identity fraud reports such as using credit cards to make an unauthorized purchase of goods and services, impersonations, and the like. Every day criminals are finding new and better ways to make use of personal data for their personal gain.

Your personal information could be any of the following: credit card details, bank accounts, bio-data page of your international passport, and social security number among others.  And so it is imperative to be extra careful with the items that reveal your personal data. I will take you through some procedures that could help protect you from these identity thieves. Here are some identity fraud guidelines for you:


  1.    It’s ok to ask questions when you are feeling suspicious or uncertain:

Feel free to ask sales representatives that are requesting for sensitive personal information if it is necessary; you are completely within your rights. Understand the policies in such places before sharing any personal information.


  1.    Review your payment site before entering your card details: Some e-commerce websites on the internet are not authentic or only fake replicas of known sites. These sites were designed by hackers to deceive people into entering personal information under the guise of paying for a service or good. You can identify these sites quickly by checking the URL bar on your browser, if you find an https before the website link, it can be trusted. If for some reason, the site name on its URL or link is entirely different, please do not give any personal information with such website, it could be dangerous. HTTPS is a certificate given to verified organizations only. The verification process is quite long and tedious, so not anyone can have it, which makes it a more reliable method of identification.


  1.    Avoid public hotspots: Accessing the internet through open hotspots could potentially be dangerous especially if you are accessing personal information online. Hackers have developed tools that enable them to monitor the traffic communication between your computer and the internet. Once you are on the network, it is easy for them to enter into your computer, navigate through your personal files and even upload a bug into your system that would continuously monitor your activities on the computer. Hence, for your security, avoid connecting to the internet using the Wi-Fi services found in public places such as Airports, Restaurants, and bars, etc. It is advisable to have a personal internet dongle.


  1.    Be mindful of the places where you receive calls: A good example of this scenario is when I was with a colleague. We were about six people in the elevator, and all of a sudden this office mate of mine received a call from a relative who wanted to make an online payment using her debit card. By the time we got to our floor, I already knew my colleague’s 16 digit master card number and CVC number, including her pin for withdrawals.

Never disclose personal information in public, not just credit cards but any other form of personal information; you do not know who may be watching you or listening to your calls. This also goes the same for any online transactions you aren’t sure of. If you are for instance visiting one of the many self defense knife review and best otf knives sites out there and they ask for your information in a strange way, it’s better to be cautious and not submit anything you aren’t comfortable with. 


  1.    Never let your credit card leave your sight: Always make sure to keep your personal belongings intact and in a place that is safe, secure and where nobody knows other than you. Be vigilant!

If you do find yourself victim of this identity fraud it’s important that you act quickly to recover your loses and get back your good name. There are services that can help with this and you will want to start by seeking out digital & computer forensic services that can help where the attack came from and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

How To Market Your Grooming Services Using Social Media And Beyond

You can support yourself today by working on your passion in owning a Grooming Services. If this is certainly the path you’d like to take, think about which hobby of yours can be turned into a source of income. Write a high quality marketing strategy prior to taking on clients or opening your doors to customers. If you’re not exactly sure how to get started, continue reading for additional valuable information.

Ensure that whenever you create your Grooming Services website, it appears to be professional. If web site design isn’t your forte, you could hire professional website designers who can create a stunning interface for your Grooming Services. In order for a website to be successful, it needs to be attractive. Using pleasing templates and interesting images should help make your webpage more appealing. Online commerce has become more important for businesses recently, so see to it that your Grooming Services has a strong web presence to bolster your success.

Just because you have achieved a goal in your Grooming Services strategy does not mean you could rest on your laurels. Even when you’re exhausted, delaying your time off could allow you to build on your recent successes and increase your Grooming Services organically. Without focus and commitment to continuous improvement, you cannot create a successful company. By remaining flexible and staying open to new tips, you will probably be in a position to expand your company when others in your industry are struggling. A great way to create new income could be to start selling the best beard trimmers of 2017, beard trimming tools or even the best Invicta watches of 2017 as well.

Before starting your Grooming Services, so that you could maintain an effective distance from any legitimate issues creating an issue for your Grooming Services down the road, make certain that you have all the state and government documents filed and that you have a fundamental comprehension of the law encompassing Grooming Services. Talk with a lawyer who comprehends Grooming Services law on the off chance that you don’t have an important comprehension of it yourself. It’s a lot of work, but remember that all it’s going to take it one expensive court case to bring down a profitable Grooming Services. Maintaining a great working relationship with your Grooming Services lawyer will have huge payoffs later if you ever end up dealing with legal problems.

A Grooming Services which only offers the most quality of products and customer interaction is almost guaranteed to profit. If you provide good products, your sales will increase and you’ll see a related growth in your reserve resources. In addition, satisfied customers tend to talk and spread the word about your Grooming Services, which gains you new customers. Aiming to be the very best in your industry is a surefire formula for success.


Is Succeeding Really Feasible?

Having a separate jurisdiction over its territory perhaps is one of the biggest issues the world is facing today. In particular, the State of California in the United States is being put to the test for being one of those pushing for secession. The question is, is withdrawing from the Union a good idea for the state? Is it even feasible? Does it have the leverage?

Secession is a subject congesting the U.S. for years now, with the country’s politics figuring in a multiple of discussions just to come up with the best justification as to why such action is good for a certain state.

Secession dates back to the 1800’s, the most famous of which was when eleven southern States declared forming a new union called the Confederate States of America. It lasted prematurely in 1865 after the Confederate was defeated in the Civil War.

With history not backing up the success of a secession, then why are present leaders of the state still struggling their best to make it happen? What is their binding force? Their motive?

I see. The election just ended and they are evidently not pleased with the fresh face sitting on the president’s chair now.  We can always give the state leaders the benefit of the doubt. However, the response when the new POTUS Donald Trump took his oath and announced his initial orders and plans, it did not come out really well for most.

To say the least, the Americans are forced to search for nationalism. Setting the feet on the streets to protest what they think is right while thinking of other recourse on how to repulse a ruling they think is not suited for their well-being so to speak.

According to businessinsider.com, these Americans are tempted to replicate what the Europeans are currently doing. We already know about the Brexit. It somewhat served as inspiration, and it just ignited to fire on them to unleash the fight for their rights.

But then again, how feasible is it, really?  How close is it to becoming a reality? To tell you honestly, the matter at hand is not just an idea anymore; these people from the Golden State are already taking baby steps to veer away from the rest of the country. Some think this line of thinking is about as sane as someone seeking gonorrhea treatment by drinking green tea and wishing the problem away. 

The culture and politics and the parts of this state have obviously been distinctive from the rest. Isn’t it an indication that forming a separate sovereign and centralized government a possible thing? After all, they would not risk taking slow steps if they did not know where they are headed to. It is a process they trust. A journey they believe can bring them to a better life. It may look like a contradiction to the current administration and may appear as a treason of some sorts. But hey, generally speaking, why endure on something you don’t deserve. We all deserve the best. These people are putting up their respective shares because they are up for something they believe would work wonders for them. Doing so would require auctioning away many of the rights of being a U.S. citizen like the best auctioneer in Springfield, MO would auction off some old jewelry.

So is secession really feasible? My answer? Why not?

Ocean Beach news roundup August 24

This week in the Ocean Beach news roundup: blueprint for new housing in Sunset District; pastor pleads innocent to molestation; traffic changes on Ortega Street; Richmond residents give Robin Williams a hand

We can’t link to every story out there. But if you think we missed something, leave a comment here, or tell us on Twitter or Facebook.

  • San Francisco Board of Supervisors member Katy Tang has produced a blueprint for the future development of the Sunset District, including adding 1,000 housing units. Its created a buzz among urban planners and the real-estate industry, including some questions about whether its time to increase height and density limits in the neighborhood. Sunset District Blueprint, Socketsite, SF Business Times, SF Housing Action Coalition
  • Bike lanes and traffic-calming measures installed on outer Otega Street near library, playground and schools. Streetsblog SF
  • Pastor of Richmond District church pleads innocent to molesting girl. Bay City News via KRON-TV, San Mateo Daily Journal
  • Are San Francisco neighborhoods changing from practical to precious? People were having the same discussion in 1985. – SF Gate
  • New program seeks to spare birds from fatally crashing into windows, and this outer Sunset District resident is among the first to sign up. SF Chronicle
  • Sports camp for kids collects thousands of shoes in Sunset District to send to Central America.KGO-TV
  • Green Street project between Lands End and Baker Beach aims to improve water quality.Richmond SF Blog
  • Richmond District residents gather to remember Robin Williams with a standing ovation in sync with other ovation memorials in SF and nationwide. Richmond SF Blog
RIP Robin Williams Sutro Baths

Richmond District residents recently gathered to remember Robin Williams with a round of applause, but earlier someone scratched their own memorial into the sand at Sutro Baths. Photo: Benita Marquez-Darcy

Great Highway restrooms close for renovation

Work crews closed City public restrooms on Lower Great Highway and Taraval Street Wednesday, installing fencing and portable toilets. Renovations on the Taraval and Judah Street restrooms are expected to finish in the spring of 2015. Photo: Tom Prete / Ocean Beach Bulletin

Work crews closed public restrooms on the Lower Great Highway Wednesday, installing fencing and portable toilets in preparation for the renovation of the historic buildings.

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is shutting down the City-owned restrooms at the end of Taraval and Judah streets so that it can restore historic features of the 1930 buildings, install new fixtures and make structural improvements. The project also will install foot-washing stations for sandy Ocean Beach visitors, and bring the restrooms into line with Americans with Disabilities Act access standards.

Other work in the renovation project includes new roofs for both restrooms, electrical and plumbing upgrades, and some landscaping. The project is scheduled to wrap up in the spring of 2015.

Funding for the Lower Great Highway restroom renovations comes from the voter-approved Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond of 2008, the same bond measure that provided funding for the renovation of local parks and playgrounds including Cabrillo Playground, Fulton Playground, McCopppin Square and Sunset Playground.

Ocean Beach news roundup September 7

This week in the Ocean Beach news roundup: Another chef turnover at Outerlands; Ocean Beach rescues; BART on 19th Avenue?; Parkside homes pass for bargains in SF; from the Sunset to the mind of Mingus

We can’t link to every story out there. But if you think we missed something, leave a comment here, or tell us on Twitter or Facebook.

  • Chef drama at the Outer Sunsets Outerlands as Greg Kuzia-Carmel leaves less than four months after the reopening of the newly remodeled and expanded Judah Street restaurant.- SF Gate
  • San Francisco firefighters were busy rescuing people from Ocean Beach over the Memorial Day weekend. KTVU-TV, Bay City News via SF Bay
  • BART service should expand, but along 19th Avenue, not Geary Boulevard. SF Gate (opinion)
  • Richmond District police are on the hunt for speeding drivers. – KTVU-TV
  • Want a home in San Francisco for less than $1 million? Try the Parkside, or even the outer Richmond District. SF Gate
  • The 100th birthday of Ed Nevin Jr. brought hundreds of well-wishers to the Irish Cultural Center, including Mayor Ed Lee and other San Francisco notables. SF Gate
  • Actor Barry Shabaka Henley, with roots in the Sunset District, portrays legendary jazz musician and composer Charles Mingus in new cabaret piece Mingus Remixed, which Henley also wrote.KQED
  • Biologist and SFSU student who also runs youth program at California Academy of Sciences wins top honor from CSU system. SFSU